4D Draw R4D Draw Results of 10 January, 2018

4D Draw Results of 10 January, 2018

4D is a popular lottery game having huge fan following in Singapore as well as in other part of the world. Every week great number of people participate in the lucky draw of the game that are held thrice in a week in the hope to win some good amount of money. In the 4D lucky draw game, people participate by choosing any number from 0000 to 9999. The draw are held on every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday to pick the twenty-three winning numbers that is randomly selected by the draw machine selected by a specially designed computer. The 4D draw number 4210 was held on Wednesday 10th January 2018 and the twenty-three winning numbers were selected in the five categories. The 1st Prize winning number is 7497, 2nd Prize winning number is 6290 and 3rd Prize winning number is 5158. The ten winners of the Starter Prize group are 0095, 1270, 2472, 3486, 4644, 5101, 6158, 6528, 7210 and 9471. The Consolation Prize winning numbers are 1820, 2102, 2355, 2924, 3984, 4248, 5053, 6215, 6745 and 7918.

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