“Lim is Supposed to spend her twilight years more fruitfully rather a term of imprisonment” – District Judge Lorren Ho

As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering. Lim Siew Har, 75 year old woman was first convicted of cheating in 1981 and was last sentenced for a similar act in November 2003, yet the elderly lady did not stop and continued with her criminal ways and was sentenced to jail for four years and nine months in previous month. It’s really sad to see how an elderly woman cheated with her own friend. The district judge Lorren Ho said, “I must say that it gives me a heavy heart to sentence someone to a term of imprisonment at the age of 75 when she could be spending her twilight years more fruitfully with her family members. It is unfortunate that the accused brought this upon herself, having not learnt from her past string of antecedents.”

This incident perhaps teaches us not to trust anyone blindly. Madam Leow had trusted Lim, who was her younger brother’s long-term partner. Lim convinced the victim to try operating 4D oulets with Singapore Pools. Later she deceived Madam Leow into believing that she needed to pay her various amounts of money to operate six 4D oulets with Singapore Pools.
Since Madam Leow knew Lim for a long time therefore she paid the amounts. Lim was charged for cheating of total $646,900 to Madam Leow. Though Lim is currently out on bail, this case could serve as a “cautionary note”. Being the licensee of a Singapore Pools is akin to having the goose that lays the golden eggs, where returns are most certainly guaratnteed. However, one should never throw caution to the wind and let one’s guard down in exchange for a windfall.