Singapore 4D 11th November Results

4D is a popular lottery game in which the participants place a wager on a 4-digit number for matching against the winning number. The draw for the 4D game is organised every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for which participants place a wager. The draw number 4184 was held on 11th November 2017 and the 23 winning numbers was announced and published on the websites. All the participants eagerly waiting for the results can check the result here. The 1st prize winning number is 3602, and 2nd prize winning number is 0803 and 3rd prize winning number is 7896. Besides first, second and third prize the Singapore Pools also announces 10 Starter and 10 Consolation Prizes too. The ten Starter prize winning numbers are 0325, 0334, 3360, 3749, 3809, 3966, 6040, 7829, 8344 and 8535 and the ten Consolation prize winning numbers are 0048, 2621, 3061, 3754, 4166, 6157, 6406, 7991, 9086, and 9610.


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