Singapore 4D 12th November Results

The increasing number of participants in the each draw clearly indicates the popularity of the 4D lottery game in Singapore. Individuals place a wager in the lottery game by selecting any four digit number from 0000 to 9999. Thus, all the participants of the draw number 4185 held on 12th November 2017 i.e. Sunday can check the results of the draw right here. The 1st prize winning number is 2595, and 2nd prize winning number is 2962 and 3rd prize winning number is 8236. The ten Starter Prize announce by the Singapore Pools are 1483, 2310, 3516, 3531, 4386, 4922, 4985, 6213, 6455 and 7610. The ten Consolation Prize winning numbers are 0215, 1438, 1454, 2131, 3849, 5686, 6977, 7745, 8376 and 9599. Participants can check the results of the relevant draw by visiting this website. With three draws conducted at every week the fan of 4D game has quite a fair chance of trying their luck in this exciting number game.


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