Singapore Pools 4D Game 2nd December Results

Singapore Pools 4D Game 3rd December Results

4D is a simple lottery game operated by Singapore Pools in which people have to select a four digit number from 0000 to 9999 to place a bet. In order to win the 4D lottery game, the number chosen by the participant need to match with the winning numbers drawn in the draw. Like if a participant select a number 1234 and the winning number is 2341, then the person will not be entitled of the prize because participant selected number should be exactly in the same sequence as of the winning number. Players have two betting options in the 4D game, iBet and System Entry betting options. The draw number 4194 of 4D was held on 3rd December 2017 Sunday and the lucky number that was awarded with the 1st Prize is 4921, 2nd Prize is 9235 and 3rd Prize is 4088. The ten Starter Prize winning numbers are 0841, 1114, 5006, 5217, 5251, 5681, 6332, 7189, 7474, and 7530 and the ten Consolation Prize winning numbers are 2546, 2710, 3037, 3953, 4831, 4918, 6227, 6444, 7243 and 9189.

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