Singapore Pools – Curbing the Social Ills associated with Gambling

Gambling has always been a way of life for the residents of Singapore, as organised gambling was prevalent till the 1970s that also brought a spiral of crime and violence. The government here understood that banning gambling will not erase its footprint but would only drive the activities underground. So, in order to counter this, the government established Singapore Pools to provide a safe platform to gamblers and to neutralise the syndicates and their illegal activities. Singapore Pools was established by the government to recognise gambling existence and make it legal so that people interested in gambling can do it without breaking the law. Besides, the amount received as stake money can also be utilised for the citizen’s benefit of the Singapore.

4D is a popular four-digit lottery game operated by Singapore Pools, where the participants place varying amounts of money to bet the outcome of four particular digits. The 4-D lottery game is played by picking a number ranging from 0000 to 9999 and in the draws 23 lucky numbers are picked and if the number matches with any player’s number, then the players eventually become a lottery winner. To participate in the 4D game the participants can either place a bet through Account Betting System or can purchase the lottery ticket from the outlet. Draws of the 4D lottery game are held at a specific place and on a particular date as decided by the company. The results of the game are displayed on different websites so that participants can easily and conveniently check the results.

TOTO is another legalised lottery form operated by Singapore Pools that was introduced to control gambling in Singapore during the 1960s. TOTO is ranked the second most popular lottery game after 4D, as this game is highly preferred by residents of Singapore. In the TOTO game, participants need to pick at least six numbers on a basis of 1 to 49. The drawn winning numbers include six numbers along with an additional number. If three or more winning numbers on the participant’s ticket match with the seven drawn numbers then the participants qualify for a cash prize. The prize money varies with the number of numbers matched. However, the maximum allowed matching number is six and if the six number on the ticket matches with the drawn number then the jackpot prize is won. TOTO results are displayed at websites where participants can check the results.